Wooden Spoon

The Wooden Spoon’s heritage has been crafted over the years, much like our preserves. Founded 39 years ago, the company has stayed true to it’s roots by focusing on artisan products aimed at independent retailers.

Classic Spanish Range

Made by one of the oldest and most reputed family collectives in southern Spain, our tapas collection is the real deal for serving tapas and adds colour to any retail display.

Selena Glaze Range

This new range of hand made Spanish ceramics will add colour and style to any home. This range has been created exclusively for Divine Deli in the UK.


Exceptional Indian spice blends for exceptional Indian meals

Pizza Made Easy

Pizza Stones – Finished with a hand dipped glaze, our cream red & black pizza stones produce perfectly crispy crust a double as a cheese board or trivet. Able to with stand high heat, it can be used in the over, on the grill and over an open flame. The essential handles make the stone easy to lift...

Cascina San Giovanni

Suzanne and Carlos Gross moved from Switzerland to the Piedmont in Italy more than a decade ago and this is the beginning of the story of the Cascina San Giovanni range…

Cuisine Oils

Grapeseed oil is cholesterol and sodium free, made with natural Italian grapeseeds and is low in saturated fat. You can fry, saute or even bake without smoking, splattering or burning. Excellent for marinades, salad dressings or stir fries.

Parisien Chic – Cocotte Sets

Small traditional French stoneware dishes for cooking and serving individual portions of food. Our authentically styled cocottes are versatile serve ware that can be used for every meal of the day from breakfast to dessert

Parisien Chic – Petit Gratin Set

Our Petit Gratins are the perfect shape, size and depth for achieving the ideal browned toppings. Whether using our Petit Gratins for a crispy morning bite or a mid-day side dish, these plates lend themselves to individual portions of the perfect size.

Brie Bakers

Peek under the lid of this subtle earthenware-esque warming pot to discover, nestled within, a chunk of luxuriously creamy warm Brie softly mingling with sinfully delicious fruit compote.

Olive Wood

Our beautiful and high quality olive wood is sourced from a small workers’ cooperative in Tunisia’s heartland. These products are exclusive to us in the UK.


Karimix specialise in bringing the traditional aromas and flavours of South-East Asia to the modern kitchen.

Bread Dippers

Following the Italian tradition of bread dipping, this range has proven a huge hit. The nine classic recipes have been warmly received as an original yet accessible appetiser experience.

Cupboard Essentials

Ceramic round warm dips set. Dishwasher safe and beautifully packed of gifting.

Easy Entertaining

Our white flat appartisor ceramics have been a top seller for years.


A selection of our classic Balsamics Collection from Wildly Delicious

Warm Dips

Whether you’re giving roasts succulent flavour with a salt crust, or bringing a touch of salty-sweetness to desserts Wildly Delicious has a range of quality salts for every occasion. Grinder ready and ideal for hand sprinkling as a finishing touch to any dish each of our salts combine a blend of b...

Cheese Baking

Brie Brules – (Make French) Inspired by the classic French desert we have applied the decadence of a crusty caramelised sugary topped to the warm, silky luxury of braked brie. The perfect union of two lovely foods resulting in an appetiser of unparalysed goodness.

Garlic Roasting

Terracotta Garlic roaster and garlic roasting oil – Roasting in garlic makes it soft, spreadable and makes it taste mild yet flavourful. This unique terracotta baking dish will enable you to roast garlic bulbs to perfection when using our garlic roasting oil.

Store cupboard essentials

Newfoundland screech BBQ sauce – ‘Screech’ is the infamous Jamaican run which Newfoundlanders imported for exchange for salt fish. Wildly delicious have blended this legendary run to create a unique tangy BBQ sauce with fruity Caribbean flare.

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Welcome to Divine Deli Supplies

Divine Deli Supplies has been distributing  fine and speciality food products from its operating  base in Rochdale, Greater Manchester for eight years. The company provides distinctive gourmet food products, tableware, artisan ceramics and traditional olive wood to a variety of deli’s, farm shops, garden centres and independent retail stores throughout Great Britain.

For all enquiries, email us on sales@divinedeli.com