Mr Fitzpatrick’s


The temperance movement began in Preston in 1835 during the period of the Industrial Revolution and was a response to the widespread alcoholism that existed at that time.

A Methodist cheese maker born in Preston established a society under which a pledge of sobriety was taken. The society grew and expanded beyond the churches to become part of everyday life across the UK. Temperance Bars had become the new social scene. By the 1890’s temperance bars graced every high street the most prominent being Mr Fitzpatricks – a successful family of Dublin herbalists who established themselves in the North of England and at their peak successfully ran over 40 shops in the region. After World War II interest in taking the pledge faded. The end of prohibition in the United States and the heavy importation of sweet, sugary drinks hitting our shores saw the decline of the Temperance Bar.

However, one Temperance Bar survived and today Mr Fitzpatrick’s still own and operate the little Victorian bar situated in the Lancashire town of Rawtenstall. It still looks the same as it always did: ceramic tap barrels, shelves lined with jars of medicinal herbs, its roots in the past whilst looking to the future.

Mr Fitzpatrick’s Recipes

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